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About Us

Cynthia Wiedemann has been a fundraiser on the Dallas political scene for many years.

Specializing in Republican and local non-partisan city council and mayoral campaigns, Fundraising Solutions uses an enormous company-built database to find the best support for the candidate. Through an extensive list of donors and election specific givers, Fundraising Solutions has had unprecedented success throughout the state of Texas. Cynthia Wiedemann, founder of Fundraising Solutions, is a highly respected name in the Texas political scene and has been for more than 20 years. She has an extensive list of successful clients including Rudy Giuliani, Congressman Pete Sessions, Congressman Steve Pierce (NM), U.S. Senator Jim Talent, several sitting Texas Supreme Court Justices, Appeals Court Judges, District Court Judges, County Judges, State Legislative Races, Dallas Mayoral Candidates, City Council Candidates and National Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporations and Foundations.

With the competitiveness of campaigns in today's fast-paced world, political fundraising is no longer an "in-house" duty

At the heart of a political campaign are the funds supporting it. In twenty-first century politics, donors are slowly gravitating towards an easier way to contribute their money. The internet has provided this platform and Fundraising Solutions is leading the way. During the 2004 election, over 80% of the 18-34 year old age group donated online with a credit or debit card. At the heart of this website is the ability to show your support for your candidate through the Contribute page. Give with confidence by clicking on the candidate's link and go directly to their website. All payment methods are 100% secure through the award winning Paypal service.

It's not just the money that wins the election.

It's the support that comes with it. That's why Fundraising Solutions schedules prime-time political events for your candidate. From nametags to catering, entertainment, special guests and valet parking, Fundraising Solutions puts together the best event possible so your candidate can receive all the recognition he or she needs and deserves for the upcoming election.

Katherine Watson came to Fundraising Solutions from a non-profit fundraising background working most recently in East Africa and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Katherine graduated from the University of Central Arkansas where she studied Business Administration and Family and Consumer Sciences. Serving as an independent event planner and fundraiser for various organizations in college, Katherine moved to East Africa to continue her work in non-profit event planning and fundraising with Bridge2Rwanda. While in East Africa she also worked as a business and design consultant for women's textile and jewelry cooperatives. Since her return to the U.S. she has been the Fundraising and Marketing chair and the Legislative Representative for Partners Against Trafficking Humans and as the Administrative Manager for Community Health Network. She is excited to expand to political fundraising, working with Fundraising Solutions and the Craig James campaign.

Suzanna Rubottom is a native Texan and Dallasite with deep roots into the non-profit and political community.

Suzanna graduated from TCU where she majored in advertising and public relations. She worked for MOJ Consulting in Association Management before starting her own photography business in 2007.

In February 2011, Suzanna joined Fundraising Solutions as an account executive on the Betsy Price for Mayor campaign. Since September Suzanna has been an event specialist for clients that include Barry Smitherman for Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and various other statewide and regional campaigns.